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If you speak Spanish, perhaps you are tempted to give a hint of a smile when you hear the name “Boca Raton”, which translates into “Mouse Mouth”. You might then find interesting to learn that, in nautical jargon, “boca” means inlet, and “ratones” (a term used in old maritime Spanish) referred to “jagged rocks”. The name of the city actually originated from the sharp rocks found on the bottom of some small bays, which rubbed a ship’s cables, causing them to wear.

Boca Raton is not only a very prominent city in the Miami metropolitan area, but one of the most prosperous cities in South Florida. It has a permanent population of approximately 93,000, but because it is a business center, the city gets significantly busier with people from other towns during the daytime.

Boca Raton started out as a modest agricultural community in 1895. It was not until the 1920s that the tourism industry began, with the construction of what is today the Boca Raton Resort & Club.

The real estate market in Boca is cold at the moment (which tends to favor buyers). It is a healthy market, though, with a median home price of $326,000 and a median apartment rent of $2,350. The cost of living is nearly 24% higher than the U.S. average. About 85% of the population are homeowners and the median family income is $67,000 (2017).

Featured Real Estate Agents and Agencies in Boca Ratón, FL: A.J. Harris, Adrienne Foland - Balistreri Real Estate, Claire Abrams, Denize Abreu - Lang Realty, Amanda Perman, Arthur Ziccardi - Florida’s Best Realty Services, Rusty Hanna, Cynthia Besman - Mizner Grande Realty, Tov Charm, Nancy Hack - Boca Expert Realty.

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