Apartments in Santa Marta
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About the city

Santa Marta is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Colombia and is the perfect place to live or to have a vacation home. For those that are looking for a coastal experience, or in other words an experience that’s relaxing and easy-going, Santa Marta is the ideal location. The city itself has plenty to offer and is conveniently located close to several other coastal attractions. The unique combination of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean make Santa Marta a place like no other.

Santa Marta’s economy is based mostly in tourism, commerce, agriculture, and various activities related to the port. The city has a major port as well as an airport. The climate is hot but the sea offers a wonderful breeze that provides relief from the coastal heat and the average temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

Things to do in Santa Marta

Santa Marta was the first Spanish settlement in Colombia and is also the oldest surviving city in the country. It’s worth it to pass the afternoon walking through the center of Santa Marta, admiring the colonial-style architecture, or spending some time in the Parque de los Novios. Some other popular attractions in Santa Marta are the Aquarium and the statue of Carlos el Pibe Valderrama, one of the best soccer players in Colombia’s history.

Drinking a beer and grabbing a bite to eat on Santa Marta’s pier is a great way to spend an evening in the city. The pier offers a beautiful view of the ocean with a relaxed atmosphere.

Things to do around Santa Marta

One of the main benefits of living in Santa Marta is its convenient location close to some of Colombia’s best tourist attractions. For example, Tayrona Park, which arguably contains Colombia’s most beautiful beaches, is only an hour or two from the city. Tayrona Park is huge and visitors can spend a week or more exploring it. The most popular beaches in the park include Playa Cristal, Bahía Concha, Neguanje, and Cabo San Juan. Within the park, visitors can enjoy snorkeling, walking along the beach, eating fresh seafood, swimming, and camping. The park has an entrance fee, which is 35,000 COP ($12 USD) for foreigners and $13,000 ($5 USD) for Colombians.

Santa Marta is also close to two touristy suburbs: El Rodadero and Taganga. El Rodadero is especially popular among tourists from Bogotá and other Colombian cities. The suburb has bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and beaches. The beach offers many activities, such as swimming and doing water activities or drinking coco locos and relaxing. Taganga, a small fishing village with restaurants, bars, and a beach, has more of a laid-back, backpacking-type atmosphere.

For a different experience, head to Minca, a town located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The town itself is small but it offers amazing views of the mountains and a unique experience.

If you’re looking for more adventure, the Lost City is an unforgettable experience. It’s a 4- to-6 day hike leading to a village of indigenous ruins older than Machu Picchu. It’s required to go with an approved agency or guide to visit the ruins due to local indigenous laws protecting the land.

Santa Marta is only 4 hours from Cartagena, one of the most touristic cities in Colombia.

Apartamentos en Santa Marta

Santa Marta is the perfect location to live or to have a vacation home. Fortunately, apartments in Santa Marta are relatively low priced, especially compared with similar apartments in the United States.

The monthly cost of a furnished apartment in the center of the city is about $1,300,000 COP ($350 USD) and the monthly cost of a furnished apartment outside of the city center is about $900,000 COP ($300 USD). The cost of buying an apartment in the city center is approximately $3,500,000 COP ($1,200) per square meter and the price of buying an apartment outside of the city center is approximately $2,000,000 COP ($690 USD) per square meter (2017).

The cost of utilities is also affordable. For an apartment of 85m2, you can expect to pay about $400,000 COP ($130 USD) per month (2017).

Without a doubt, Santa Marta is a great option if you’re looking to buy an apartment to rent out or for personal use. Visit our Santa Marta real estate listings to begin your new adventure today!


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